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These pages of our websites are reserved for our customers and partners. In order to profit by the special service for our customers and partners (e.g. download of software updates), you have to enter your personal login data.


How to get your login data

Select the menu item "Settings - System - Internet - Customer center and updates" in your CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software. Until version 3.2 please select menu item "Help - CONTEMPLAS in the web" instead. If you have an older version, please contact our support.

What to do when you do not remember your user identification...

The number which is marked on your USB key (dongle) is your user identification (CTPxxx).

What to do when you do not remember your password...

Click on the following link and we immediately send a new password to the agreed e-mail address.
Please send me a new password!

If you do not receive the requested e-mail information within a few minutes or if the e-mail address is not valid any more, please contact our support.


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Customer center

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