CONTEMPLAS arbeitet mit folgenden Firmen eng zusammen, um die Leistungsfähigkeit der Bewegungsanalyse im Sinne der Anwender weiter voran zu treiben.

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RS Scan AMTI Kistler Baumer Noraxon menios
Microgate National Instruments Axis Datatranslation Basler iDS
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Founded in 1995 by Mr. and Mrs. Michel, AM CUBE is the pioneer of the computing and the digital image into podiatry. The formation of a chiropodist Mr. MICHEL allowed to lie in the heart of the profession and to know the best expectations of professionals. In 1995 AM CUBE was the first company to combine the digital image file in patient's clinical management software using the device PODOSCAN ®, designed by Alain Michel and can scan a full size foot print for manufacturing orthotics plantar. In 2002, AM CUBE creates a second company, IST, Intelligence Service Technical , marketing the same products with a price attack in response to a growing demand for young graduates and to open up the market for smaller firms whose number is much more important. Damien MICHEL, son of Mr. and Mrs. MICHEL, became head of this structure. AM CUBE and IST decide to be a designer and manufacturer of electronic measurement systems to capacitive sensors. They combine their expertise with that of electronics engineers and computer units to research at European level to produce the electronic pedometers FOOTWORK® and FOOTWORK PRO®, which required several years of research and development. The systems development pressure measurements based on capacitive sensors whose cutting-edge technology and high reliability have made it possible to obtain actual measurements of circuits and exceptional performance, acclaimed by thousands of users both in France 'internationally. They are at the top of the pyramid of software providers and clinical management of electronic pedometers. AM CUBE for FootWork Pro® has been recognized by a study of the Italian Ministry of Health, as a leader on the world market (see report included). In 2010, AM CUBE and IST open a practice podiatry medical and sports within their building, provided construction. A young graduate podiatrist provides consultations pedicure and chiropody and Mr. MICHEL guarantees a day of visits to podiatry. Very quickly, before the firm's technology, with systems AM CUBE and IST the competence of both podiatrists, the firm achieved a reputation beyond the department and the trust of patients, prescribers, physiotherapists and osteopaths they acquire. In 2011, AM CUBE and IST merge and become the SAS AM CUBE IST with a capital of € 315,000.00. The insoles capacitive sensors, soon sold on the European and global market alone accounted for 6 years of research and development and are a revolution in search of flexible sensor. The walking track with its electronic FOOTWALK PRO 16384 capacitive sensors and a length of 2 meters is one of the largest walking track world. It has been embraced by the War Department in the UK for his research on the sensitivity of the march of soldiers in the middle undermined. In collaboration with Alain POUSSOU, the first designer of the thermoforming machine, known and recognized worldwide, AM CUBE IST has devised a new automated thermoforming machine, POUSSOU THERMO-EXPERT.

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